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Holding Hands

My Mission

To provide senior living coordination, advocacy, and education to older adults, seniors and families by offering valuable information, referrals and empathetic guidance needed to make appropriate decisions regarding senior living, home care and supportive services. This includes but is not limited to, education on senior topics for community members and professionals. The guidance I provide helps seniors stay home or transition successfully into a new senior opportunity. Exceptional service is something I will not compromise on. Let me help you navigate the journey.

-Alyssa (Lee)


Our Services


Hi my name is Alyssa Tobias; many call me "Lee". The primary purpose of a senior care consultant is to ensure that seniors and their families know their long term care options to make better decisions. My inspiration to work with this population is a tribute to my grandma. She spent the last several years living in a skilled care facility where the care was horrific. When looking for a geriatric specialist, look no further! I am here to help. I am a passionate geriatric advocate and MSW, CDP with experience in crisis intervention, transitioning an aging loved one to a new living environment, family sessions, public speaking on numerous aging topics and overall, helping seniors and their loved ones navigate the aging process journey. I have 25+ years in geriatric care, as a Certified Dementia Practitioner. My goal is to help your family navigate the multitude of issues that come up when dealing with a loved one with cognitive impairments or other issues due to the aging process. I also speak publicly on several topics in the field of aging with grace and dignity. I graduated in 1991 from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science, with a concentration in psychology. I worked for two years in the geriatric field preparing for graduate school. I had the distinct pleasure to attend the University of Michigan School of Social Work (Forever Go Blue)! There I received my Masters of Social Work in December of 1995. Since then, I have made a career of working in every facet in the aging field. All of my work experiences have led me in the direction to help guide others in their journey. Whether it be a senior who needs guidance or anyone caring for a senior, I have made it my mission to help as many as I can in the quest for navigating the unforeseen and difficult journey. Some of the benefits of hiring a senior care consultant are as follows: •Valuable advice and knowledge •Cost-effective solutions •Peace of mind •Higher quality of life


I had the pleasure of meeting Alyssa Tobias and we connected instantly! Her heartfelt dedication to our senior community is something we both share. Spending time with Alyssa and engaging in conversations with families and seniors who are in the process of transitioning to needing more assistance at home has been truly inspiring. Alyssa's ability to foster meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals who care as deeply as she does about the well-being of seniors is commendable. Through her tireless efforts, Alyssa has connected seniors with a wide range of enriching services, ensuring that they receive the support and care they deserve. Her passion and commitment to enhancing the lives of our senior community is evident in every interaction. Alyssa Tobias is a true advocate for seniors. If you're seeking someone who genuinely cares about seniors and is committed to providing them with the best possible care and support, Alyssa Tobias is the person to turn to.

-Shallan R Ertl  Director at CarePRN, LLC

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